Pretoria Chert Mine – 27 Mar 2018

PRETORIA CHERT MINE, BAKEWELL – Tuesday 27th March 2018.
Attended: Paul Chandler(Leader), Kevin Stokes, John Geeson. Guests: Martin & Shirley, Iain Barker(All PDMHS), plus Brian & Renuka.
Evening trip – Tourist trip around this full of interest chert mine. Kevin led the group into the Greenfields part of the mine. Notes: 1) We saw a new artefact on our trip, namely an abandoned drilling rod from recent borehole drilling(which has created another wet area in the mine) for a planning application for new houses(See article in PDMHS Newsletter No.166 – April 2018). 2) In our party was Iain Barker(PDMHS & Ex Masson) and one of the authors of ‘Caves of the Peak District'(2010 Edition), but also ‘Classic Caves of the Peak District'(1997).
Report by Paul Chandler.     Pretoria Chert Mine, Bakewell (2)