Knotlow and Hillocks Sat 7 Oct 2017

Knotlow & Hillocks Mine Sat 7 Oct 2017. Six members, Jim Borrington Adrian Pedley Frances Porter Michael Ian Smith James Barradale & Christine Wilson split into two teams to attempt the double exchange of Knotlow and Hillocks. This was of course after the traditional pre descent breakfast, this time in the Old Smithy in Monyash. It’s fair to say there was a fast team, and an even faster team! First exchange was in the pump room. There was a lot of water pouring dawn the waterfall shaft so no further exploration was attempted. Meccano passage was briefly suggested but even more quickly discounted. By the time the fast team had reached the surface the faster team were already rigging the main shaft in Hillocks. Fast team then got to work dropping down the Wharf Climbing shaft. The faster team were waiting patiently at the bottom of the mine by the time Frances, James and myself were in the main cavern. An uneventful ascent soon saw the whole team back on the surface only to be greeted by a foul change of weather. It was then back to the cafe for a well earned coffee and cake (and chips). Unfortunately the photographer was not in a very creative mood so there were only a couple of useable shots!


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